Our Mission 

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At re-shape we want every girl to feel confident in themselves and their body. 

When a girl feels more confident in her body she will be more assertive, perform better academically and physically, and she will say ‘yes’ to more opportunities. We intend to approach our goal using a holistic method. Our first approach will utilise the power of preventive education. We have begun the process of creating an exceptional guide for girls, entitled Learning to Love Your Body,  to help them develop a positive relationship with their body. This book will be affordably priced in order to reach as many girls as possible. Additionally, we intend to get it into as many school libraries as we can. However, to make this book a reality we need your help. You can help us by pre-buying a copy of the book, donating to and sharing the Kickstarter campaign all over your social media! Follow this link to pledge today.